Who Are We?

We are a CPA and consulting firm with offices in Wichita and Hutchinson, KS and Breckenridge, CO. Lucke & Associates becomes the resource owners and individuals rely on to help them set and focus on their goals. We provide planning, accounting, tax, payroll and financial reporting, and become the confidant clients can talk to about obstacles and opportunities.

What Do We Do?

We provide business owners, individuals and families support in three distinct areas:

  1. Tax Filings and Compliance. We make sure clients have the proper financial reports, tax filings, and are in compliance with banks, the IRS and the states they operate in. Staying current with regulatory agencies eliminates penalties, interest and lost time.
  2. Planning and Opportunity Evaluation. Our team helps create and monitor a plan and adjust it as needed. Even the best plans may need to change; a competitor wants to buy you or have you buy them, a windfall occurs, a reserve gets drained, or the opportunity to purchase a major asset at a huge discount arises. We help sort through opportunities and the potential tax impact that may exist.
  3. Problem Resolution. In every business and personal life, problems occur. New regulations, competition, litigation, health issues or some other obstacle can surface. Some of these issues we can plan for, while others are unexpected. When obstacles arise, we are there to work through them for you as quickly as possible.

Why Lucke?

Our LifeCycle thinking helps any client, big or small, business or individual, set a plan and monitor goals. Plans and goals are based on the stage of life they are in and their financial position. Everyone has different objectives, lifestyle needs, risk tolerance and outside factors and at Lucke & Associates we address those issues as part of your unique support.

Tax, Accounting & Audit

Making sure you have the financial foundation to help make the right decisions.

Business & Personal LifeCycle

Setting goals and helping you achieve them based on your needs and your timelines.

Going Beyond the Numbers

All accountants are great at numbers, but we help you make sense out of them.