Who We Support

Our core clients are closely held small to mid-size businesses, individuals and families. Some own multiple businesses and have more complicated activities to address, while other clients require less support. No matter who you are we will design a service package to support your needs. We can see you infrequently or become your part-time Controller/CFO and become an integral part of your team.

Over the years we have developed some unique experience in:

  • Automobile Dealerships
    Cost efficient audits, complete and accurate information for your financial institutions, tax planning strategies and advice for dealers. We actively participate in the National Auto Dealers Conference and state dealer trade associations.
  • Construction
    We have extensive expertise with construction companies from startup through fourth generation, with sizes ranging from a handful to hundreds of employees.
  • Restaurants
    Bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, and payroll services exclusive to the restaurant and bar industry. Our services include the filing of all Federal and State taxes, payment of invoices and a running balance of all vendor accounts.
  • Banking & Financial Institutions
    Audit, accounting, internal audit and a complete package of financial and consulting services for community banks or credit unions.
  • Real Estate
    Acquisition or divestiture of real estate, depreciation and the tax impact of decisions.
  • Professional Service Organizations
    Solutions to help report and analyze performance specific to service businesses.
  • Wholesale / Distribution
    Reporting, tax and accounting support for retailers, wholesalers, dealers or distributors.
  • Health Care & Medical Providers
    Financial statements and cost reports for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and medical practices.

How We Apply Our Knowledge

We bring a lot of technical abilities to the table; tax knowledge, accounting processes, the preparation and assurance of financial reports, and business strategy. What we feel brings the most value is our ability to mix our capabilities with common sense and frequent communication. Success does not have to be complicated all of the time. When possible we try to keep things simple and save the complicated solutions for when our options are limited.