Core Support

Our clients range from high net worth individuals to owners of emerging and mid-sized businesses. Our role is to provide accurate information and to provide advisory support to your leadership team. We ensure clients have up-to-date and timely financial reports and tax filings supported by proactive planning and analysis. A good reporting foundation helps make better decisions.

Profit & Advisory Focus

The financial record keeping and reporting is vital, and we are good at it, but where we excel and make a significant impact is with our Leadership and Business Advisory services. Lucke & Associates becomes your trusted advisor who will provide an independent and objective perspective.  We will design a plan to help you move through the different stages of your business and personal LifeCycle or to address a unique opportunity or obstacle that arises. We provide creative thinking, investigate unusual or unexpected events, and monitor performance. Not all CPAs can offer the depth to help work through difficult decisions.


We talk to our clients and become involved in their business and/or personal needs. It’s the only way we know how to properly support them and provide the value that they deserve. They feel free to call us and do so to discuss anything from detailed financial issues to general business topics. The more we know the better we can support you. Service without knowledge has limited value.