How Often Do You Exit a Business?

Most owners only exit a business once in their life. It’s a new experience with a series of decisions that can alter the outcome.

  • Deciding on an exit date
  • Maximizing the sale value
  • Planning the post-sale tax impact
  • Laying out the plan to begin the process
  • Acquiring independent, objective professionals to help

Time is a Valuable Tool in Transitions!

It’s vital to creating the best outcome. In general, the shorter the planning timeframe is the less profitable the sale may become.

What is Your Best Strategy?

To close the business, merge it or sell it to an external buyer, family member, employee or existing co-owner or partner?

How to Begin the Process…

Establish a Timeline
This could be 6 months or 15 years

Develop Steps to Enhance Value
Make the business physically attractive to buyers
Make the business financially attractive to buyers by refining P & L statements

Begin Separating Yourself from the Business
The business is now an asset for sale
Depersonalize decisions
Dependency on the current owner decreases value

Create a Tax Plan
In a succession time plays a big role
Review retirement plan, estate needs, trusts, life insurance, health care, more…

Prepare a Post-Exit Strategy
Establish an investment strategy for the proceeds
Develop a post sale business or personal plan