What’s Your Goal?

  • Growth?
  • Increased profits?
  • More time off?
  • Family succession?
  • Exit through sale or merger?
  • Survival?

Setting Goals

Goal setting creates a target to help retain your current position so you do not lose ground or to take steps to move toward a defined objective. The end target may be very different from person to person. Achieving a set goal is great, but even if a goal is only 50% accomplished by having a set target you are aware of what needs to be done and more likely to take steps to try to hit the goal.

Timeline Management is Essential

Your needs, prior and current financial performance, health factors and personal wishes are all components that impact your timeline. These pieces need to be projected, monitored and acted on in order to successfully move forward. Time is the only resource you cannot generate more of, so it becomes your most valuable ally or foe in your efforts.