Profit Assessment Report (PAR)

We provide a 100% guaranteed method to test your organization’s current strengths and weaknesses. Once we have conducted our analysis, it will be used to build a structured approach to increase financial and operational performance.

Tax Diagnostic

Every business and individual can benefit from our Tax Diagnostic. This is a no-cost method of reviewing what tax advice your current accountant has been providing. Did they take advantage of credits and incentives? Is the return missing items? Are there errors or exposures in the return? Have they been talking to you about ways to reduce taxes or have they just been putting your results onto a piece of paper and filing it for you? Sometimes profits are buried inside your tax return. Let us help you dig them out.

Every organization and individual should have a Tax LifeCycle plan. We help clients view taxes as a process and not an annual event. Our professionals develop tax plans for clients to maximize the tax saving potential from significant events in their personal and business life. Equipment or real estate decisions, acquisition or sale of a business, succession issues, college funding, family gifting, philanthropic strategies, eldercare, and wealth management are examples of our support.